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ASN IT is one of the nation-wide leading computer system seller and distributor. As published in theNew York Business Journal in 2019, we were the fastest growing private company in New York. With vision, commitment, and steadfast determination, we sell and distribute various customized high-end gaming machines, notebook systems and high performance workstations to meet the unique needs for gamers, businesses, government agencies, educational institutions and other end-users.


ASN IT provides computer networking solutions inside New York such as Cloud services, Virtual  Machines, VoIP Services.

ASN IT was founded with two simple goals in mind. It is to provide our customers with both personalized cutting edge technology at wholesales prices and an extensive range of technological support with monthly plan provided by Paypal. By being the retailer and the distributor, we are dedicated to meet your personalized desires with the highest performance for all your gaming and digital media solutions.

Assisting our customers through the technological transition, we are committed to provide the best prices for all computing needs. When it comes to value, ASN IT Inc.

leaves the competitors behind. Our computer systems are assembled carefully, rigorously tested and built to last for the long run. If you are looking for a wide selection of products, customization, and excellent technological services at the best available prices, ASN IT is your ultimate choice!

ASN IT is a authorized partner of AIPS, the largest POS and Security Cameras distributor in New York to give the best point of sale and security cameras.   

ASN IT is the number 1 company which Provides all the tech solutions in one network

ASN IT has employees from many countries to provide free 24 hours services to all our clients to our customer satisfaction guarantee. 

ASN IT is a group of people who loves technologies, because we do our services as our duties.  


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